Top 10 fun time killers like Agario

After the cult game, we got a new genre in the gaming industry - .io browser games.

All subsequent games are based on the same concept, have light mechanics, and are available in multiplayer mode. However, each of them has its unique features, so you can find the game according to your preferences. At first, these games were only available in the browser. And now you can play them anywhere and anytime. All you need is a smartphone and internet connection. If you are a fan of .io games, but you are already a little tired of, then be sure to pay attention to our TOP-10. Here we have collected the best projects of this genre that will not leave you indifferent and will allow you to kill the time.

Let's start with the first and most popular game in this genre. This makes it easier to understand how it works and compare other developments with this world hit. Back in its release year, this game was viral. still takes a leadership position and has a huge gamer base. This is a real drug game that consumes time at super speed. You play as a single-celled creature that devours small pellets. The more you eat, the bigger you become. Many players around you are also striving to take leadership positions on the rating board. You have to eat only those who are smaller than you, but you should beware of larger players, so as not to be devoured by them. As in real life, the strongest, or rather, the largest, player survives in game

Free to play the game without in-app purchases, but with more interesting mechanics. The game is pretty simple, but getting lost here is easy. In, you control a car and throw a chain to destroy enemy vehicles. Take away the energy of your opponents and get bigger. But do not relax - after all, danger awaits everywhere. If you get distracted, other players can easily steal your energy. The game is very exciting and it is easy to get lost there not only for a couple of minutes but also for hours. game

The location changes and we dive into the underwater world. If you like the theory of evolution, then this game is definitely for you. In this game, your task is to climb the food chain and reach the highest peak of evolution. On the way to a difficult goal, you will have to overcome some obstacles. Collect XP and also eat small fish. If you did it correctly, your character would rapidly grow. Then you can absorb larger objects. For example, other players. The game has about 80 characters that make your pastime more diversified.

Fidget game

Do you remember the hype of spinners? They also took over browser games. The strategy has no difference: defeat small players to get bigger. You can choose anything from a variety of skins, but they do not provide some additional equipment. The feature of the game is that there are missions and a bonus system. A very simple game to kill your free time. game

This is a great .io genre project for those who are looking for competition. Together with other players, you wander around the field and fight with enemies. Experience is important here, so try to destroy the enemies around you without giving them a chance to survive. Dead players leave behind dots that strengthen your sword. Avoid green drops because they freeze you for a few seconds. Your enemies can take advantage of this and quickly take you out of the game. The developers have prepared three game modes - solo, in co-op, as well as capture the flag. Choose the one that suits you the most and crush anyone who dares to challenge you. game

The mechanics here is the same. However, there are some nuances and features. You are playing as a black hole. Your goal is to absorb everything in your path: beautiful city buildings, cars, players, and other objects. The more objects your hole absorbs, the more it becomes and evolves. And soon it can absorb larger objects to capture the entire game map. The game has built-in ads, which can be annoying sometimes. However, you can turn it off by choosing a paid subscription. 3D

Paper.Io is a 3D casual game. Your task is to paint over as large an area of ​​the three-dimensional world as possible. Avoid other players to stay in the game longer or catch them in your colorful nets. Draw closed shapes to paint over the largest areas. In the same way, you can recolor the areas that your opponents have marked. Paint over as much of the playing field as possible to take the leading positions in the rating. game

The second most popular game after, which is worth mentioning in our rating. For a long time, it occupied first place in terms of the number of downloads and is now well-known worldwide. You control a snake that absorbs colored orbs. On the playing field, besides you, there are about 50 more people who are trying to displace you from the game. If you bump into one of them, then the game is over for you. Therefore, avoid collisions and play as a real hunter. Cut your opponents off to get the nutritional orbs. Grow your snake and compete for a top place among the best players. game

Take part in a snowy battle. Use snowballs to fight other players, driving them out of the map. As a result, 2 players will remain on the map, and only one will be the winner. Winter atmosphere, light mechanics, and dynamic battles will appeal to fans of .io games. To play without interruptions, you can also purchase a non-ad subscription. game

Finally, let's move to outer space. Excellent 3D graphics and well-drawn characters will appeal to you. Play as a robot and fight other players. Collect red and blue capsules on the playing field to increase your chances of winning the battle. There are also small robots in the game. If you blow them up, then you will receive a special bonus: shield, armor, or other equipment. Also, bonuses can be obtained if you defeat the enemy. The game is updated frequently so you will not get bored.